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Make Custom Herbal Remedies At Home

Your Oblend creates vapes, tinctures, culinary oils, massage oils, lotions, drinks, aromatherapies and supplements from legal herbal extracts and essential oils. And that's just the beginning.


Ingredients include essential oils and extracts of legal herbs such as echinacea and lavender.


Adjusting ingredients to customize your blend is as easy as moving a slider up and down.


Using the Oblend App, recipes from experts and friends are easy to find, easy to make, and easy to share.


Enjoy greater predictability and more consistent results through precision blending.

Oblend at Home

Create Your Perfect Blend

Oblend’s patented technology has been designed to make natural wellness solutions accessible to anyone.  No prior knowledge is necessary for you to discover, customize and consistently replicate proven plant and essential oil-based solutions for a wide range of health benefits.


Smart and Connected

Using the Oblend mobile app, anyone can find, customize and  community sourced and expert crafted blends tailored for their intended use.


The Ingredients

The Oblend holds up to two dozen ingredient cartridges containing the highest quality botanical extracts, terpenes and other essential oils. Your Oblend will arrive with a set of starter ingredients. Replacements can be ordered through the Oblend application or at retail partner locations (to be announced).

Have a dispensary in your home

Oblend Reservation

Your Oblend will ship with everything you need to start blending healthy products at home. This package is expected to retail for $949 when we begin shipping in early 2019.

A fully refundable $50 deposit will secure your reservation to purchase yours at $475

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